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Welcome to Poleverized

The Dance/Fitness studio for all woman & anyone with the need, the interest, the love or just plain curiosity about getting fit using a vertical pole.

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Advanced Pole Tricks
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All Poleverized tricks are  achieved only after extensive practise starting with basic moves & tricks & focusing heavily on core strength areas to obtain safe & achievable outcomes.


An extreme Upright BoomaExtreme Upright Boomer

This shows the incredible strength required to maintain a safe & secure position on the pole using only your underarm area & outer thigh for grip.


Baby Rocker


Baby Rocker

is an extreme advanced pole move not for the faint hearted. This move requires an amazing amount of strength & the grip that is applied has to be faultless.





Reverse Flip Chopper

 A Reverse Flip Chopper. 

Standing with your back in front of the pole, with the correct positioning of the lats & shoulder, this move takes incredible strength & highlights just how strong your abdomanal muscles are. This is an advanced move & may take some time to master, once inverted upright the key to this being lovely is being able to maintain many positions from upright to exit. Totally conrolling this move from floor to trick to exit




Please contact Judi for class prices and available times. Discounts are available for more than one visit per week. Class times are subject to change & bookings are essential.

Classes are individualized & suit all stages of capabilities, from beginner to advanced. Any age, any size.

Clients who have regular placement are always catered to first & each new comer is treated as a potential regular client.

What to wear:


Due to the nature of our high level of cardio & pole work we wear singlets & tight shorts.

The more flesh available to grip the pole the better your grip. This will better assist your progress.

Shorts that are higher in the leg, and firmer around your leg are less revealing, while giving you better grip to use the pole.

We don't wear shoes in class so after we warm up these come off.

Stilletoes can be worn but only for advanced clients.

A hand towel & water or energy drink is required every visit.

Poleverized prides itself on safety & we do our utmost to ensure at all times that everyone is instructed in & actively maintains a high standard of safety. This goes for each client, and instructor each second you are in our studio performing, practising or learning.

For you to reach a high level of this form of art we guide you from the very basics of pole dance along with working certain muscle groups to ensure the core strength required is obtained before trying anything above a beginners level.

Everyone is different & some advance faster however all care is taken every class for everyone.

No-one instructs other than the instructors themselves who have spent months in training  and specialising in the care of others.

Our instructors all hold current First Aid certificates.

All poles are anti-bacterially cleaned before & after every class to ensure we are 100% hygenic. At Poleverized your peace of mind in relation to health & hygene are of great value to our success.

We offer private lessons, private group classes & specialize in Hens parties & any occasion parties.

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